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Founder and Creative Director, Nadia Lee, could not be further from the world of fashion when she was an aspiring diplomat traveling in the Far East. Having attained her degree in International Relations, Nadia was exploring the globe and visiting a metal works factory when she came across a little girl, playing with make-shifts bracelets from tiny metal springs. As Nadia watched, she felt an immediate connection; she too loved to make pretty things for herself when she was young.
It was then Nadia realized what really inspired her, was the search for such connections. Seeing accessories as a way to bring people together, she launched Adia Kibur by the age of twenty-one to renew her creative passion. The company’s initial collection was met with immediate success; a line of metal-spring inspired jewelry, with its materials and approach so unique, the designs soon captured the attention of major buyers, cementing the brand as one of the most trend forward companies on the marketplace.
Today, Adia Kibur's collection of contemporary jewelry can be found in over 3,000 quality boutiques, chain and department stores across the globe. Beyond the scope of design, the studio provides consultations on trend and brand directions, for clients looking to make sense of fashion, one unique look at a time.

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